Company Staff

We move forward towards the future thanks to the past.
Our structure is made up of over 30 people, who work in the operational facilities of Capo di Ponte and Milan, where our Administrative Headquarters and Sales Department are also located.


Giovanbattista Moncini /

Pier Giacomo Moncini /


Jessica Messineo


Simona Fagnani

Milan HQ


Sara Troletti

Viale Stazione, 14 | 25044 Capo di Ponte (Brescia)
PH. +39 0364 42003
FAX +39 0364 331095


Commercial Office

Francesca Rotondo


Administrative Office

Mario Peviani

Responsabile ufficio

Technical Office

Arch. Francesca Rotondo


Arch. Davide Camata

Manager for service and prevention and protection

William Tresoldi

Workers Safety Manager

Pepe Walter

Warehouse Manager

Fadil Mecoj


Production Manager

Mario Fenaroli