Heated raised floor

Thermal Floor by Moncini, well-being comes from the ground

Underfloor heating is an ancient idea, used since Roman times. A system that guarantees great comfort thanks to the persistence of heat in the areas of interest and the elimination of unnecessary dispersion in the upper parts of the rooms concerned. Thanks to Thermal Floor by Moncini®, the cost-benefit ratio makes the installation of a heated raised floor a unique opportunity for you and your well-being.

To each its own temperature

Each has its own optimal temperature, which is why Thermal Floor allows you to select the temperature of each specific room or area, such as a workstation in an open space office. Maximum customization for maximum comfort.

An ecological and intelligent product

The integration of Thermal Floor with the major home automation systems and its connection with photovoltaic systems makes it possible to create wonderful class A + projects. An ecological and intelligent product at the same time.

What are the advantages of the Thermal Floor?

The Thermal Floor by Moncini® system uses a revolutionary amorphous technology that allows to cover about 75% of the total surface of the flooring. This peculiarity makes it possible to operate the system even at low temperatures, thus allowing to optimize performance and minimize costs.

The main advantages are:

  •     Works on any type of floor
  •     Reaching the operating temperature quickly and with less waste
  •     Optimization of the heat produced
  •     Extreme subtlety
  •     Ease of installation
  •     Durability and reliability

Would you like to know more? Consult the technical sheet

Where can it be installed?

The Thermal Floor heated raised floor can be installed both indoors, such as:

    • Bathrooms
    • Kitchens
    • Stays
    • Offices

Both in outdoor environments, where the needs require it.In collaboration with Santoni Advanced Heating Technologies. Download the technical explanation sheet