Graffiti removal

Surface cleaning without abrasion of the substrate

The graffiti removal and / or surface cleaning system adopts a technology that allows surface treatment without causing abrasion of the substrate.


  • Water
  • Compressed air
  • Mixture of inorganic salts
  • Final protective varnish

The combined intervention of air, water and salts performs both mechanical and chemical action on the treated surface, optimizing the final result of the process. The mechanical action is carried out in the impact of particles of both solid (mineral salts) and liquid (water) against the surface to be treated in a low pressure air flow.

At the same time, the water dissolves part of the salts with which it comes into contact, forming solutions that perform a cleaning function on the treated surface. A protective intervention with products specifically formulated in order to:

  •     Inhibit the adhesion of paints used in the creation of graffiti to clean surfaces
  •     Protect the treated surface from the action of atmospheric agents
  •     Guarantee the duration of the cleaning treatment over time

The damage resulting from a possible recurrence of the vandal act on the protected surface can therefore be eliminated with a simple and low-cost manual cleaning, also obtaining the effect of discouraging the recurrence of vandalism. The products to be used for the surface protection operation are the result of a specific formulation based on a series of variables to be evaluated case by case and surface by surface.