Vases and accessories


The marble becomes.

BACO – Vase

Biomorphic waves
Biomorphic waves entirely CNC machined soften the hardness of the pietra serena. Made of pietra serena.

BRUCO – Vase

A pierced vase
The monolithic form in pietra serena is lightened by a hole that facilitates its grip. The small size of Bruco makes it suitable for all environments. Made of pietra serena.


The freshness of the stone
A cooler to keep wine cool, made entirely of stone using a lathe. After cooling the object for approx. 3 hours in the freezer, the stone slowly releases the accumulated coolness, keeping the wine fresh for hours. The vertical momentum makes it an ideal object for the centerpiece. Made of black quartzite.


A rhythm of light and shadow
Overlapping discs made by CNC create a surprising rhythm of light and shadow. The small size of Dischi makes it suitable for all environments. Made of pietra serena.


Balance is a point of view
A flower vase made entirely of Val Camonica porphyry. Its slight inclination derives from the base designed to allow the vase to rotate on itself. The small size of Dondolo makes it suitable for all environments. Made of black quartzite.

MARTE – Vase

One vase, six flowers
A glass vase supports a thin stone lid pierced 6 times. The natural split finish emphasizes the materiality of the stone in contrast with the transparency of the glass. A slender vase for long-stemmed plants or flowers. Made of black quartzite.


One vase, seven flowers
Made entirely of pietra serena, it allows you to arrange and support the flowers individually, thanks to some holes that reflect the constellation of orion. The small size of Orione makes it suitable for all environments. Made of pietra serena.


Sushi saucer
Made entirely of stone by CNC machining. Its raised corner facilitates the grip of the object itself. A saucer that allows you to arrange three pieces of sushi. Made of black quartzite.


The purity of the stone
Made entirely of black quartzite. The rounded edges allow an easy grip regardless of which side the object rests on.