Large-format processing

From the slab to the installation for a turnkey service

We are specialized and organized for the entire production cycle from processing to packaging, from transport to installation, also guaranteeing the services of surveys and drafting of records in order to be able to guarantee a “turnkey service”.

Processing of any type of Grès slabs: large sizes and thin thicknesses

Specialized in the processing of:

  • Quarry marble
  • Factory marble

Starting from the 300 x 150 cm slab, we are able to process any type of porcelain stoneware, from ultra-thin to monolithic thickness to create filing cabinet elements, unique pieces tailored to the needs of the designer and the end customer.

Processes carried out: both CNC and waterjet

The slabs we use are previously sanded, bush-hammered, pre-polished and brushed according to the customer’s needs. We use our machinery and our highly specialized workforce for these processes. The materials used guarantee not only exceptional aesthetics but also incredible qualities of resistance to stress. We use only Made in Italy quarry products for these processes, in full respect of the environment.

Some examples:

Image courtesy FMG