Ventilated Façades

Ventilated façades, functionality and elegance

Ventilated facades in MARBLE, GRANITE and GRES

The ventilated façade means both the external facing and the rear external canopy of the building, essentially required for a thermal and acoustic insulation function. In compliance with the dictates of energy saving, the ventilated facade, integrated by a “coat” thermal insulation, creates the safest and most evident technological solution in this sense, especially in the context of the restructuring and redevelopment encountered, important formations of stains salient humidity and consequent molds.

It is known, in fact, how the natural flow of heat from the inside to the outside is a harbinger of condensation and consequent formation of mold. This is caused by the inhomogeneity of the insulation, determined by the so-called “thermal bridges”, ie by the interstices due to the different thermal expansion of the various building materials in contact with each other.

A drastic reduction of these thermal bridges can only be obtained with a careful and complete cowling of the building in the context of a “ventilated facade” cladding, whose technical peculiarity is to create an external facing, spacing such as to allow, as well as a good external insulation, the formation of a cavity suitable for the flow of a “chimney effect” air flow.

Mont Blanc Headquarters in Bergamo. Natural split bordeaux slate

“La Romanina” Complex Rome. Pink Granite Façade Nuraghe – Cava Moncini

Hitachi Headquarters in Milan. Façade made of flamed rose ‘de la clarte’ granite slabs

Intesa SanPaolo. Sardinian Granite Quarry Moncini – S. Francesco Italy Flamed / Brushed

Montorfano, Italy. White Material  – Moncini Smoothed Finish