Urban furniture

Urban stone furniture for ever-evolving environments

A series of products designed for the outdoors. In collaboration with Wizarp and gluegluedesign, they are a continuous source of ideas and inspiration for objects that consider stone from another point of view, the Moncini’s one.





A marble sculpture, depicting the chemical formula of water, delivers drinking water from both the 2 columns of the H and the arch of the 2, thus allowing you to drink directly as well as fill bottles or other containers.

Floors for visually impaired people
Example of application of flooring for the blind, made for the municipality of Brescia, Via Borgo Trento.

System in natural stone and stainless steel, to meet and study in groups on the university campus or in the park of the public library.

A stone bollard with reflective material inserts.

Extremely essential seat, in natural stone.

A set of table tops for reading, writing or using the computer in a public space.


BOLD is a granite cube that acts as a counterweight for the seat surface, made up of laminated wood planks. The object investigates the theme of solids and voids and in particular the interpenetration of the materials and the joining of the parts. Bold is a project by Luca de Sanctis.



It is a module (seat or vase) that explicitly recovers the icon of the moon. This formal stratagem uses and investigates the functional properties of the sign to grasp its functional aspects. The moon ends up designing more natural environments.