Outdoor raised floors

Important references for works with the installation of MONGREEN GB65107 panels for raised modular flooring can be found for over 300,000 sqm.

Physical and Petrographic Characteristics:

  • Natural product
  • Very hard and compact
  • Concentrated and distributed load tests for heavy and special loads: passed and certified
  • Water absorption: 0.12% or can also be used outdoors
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Not slippery
  • Resistant over time
  • Ease of cleaning

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MONGREEN is: ecological, eco-friendly, naturally anti-bacterial, no problem for transport to public landfills, significant savings on maintenance costs for ordinary / extraordinary cleaning, does not require waxing, excellent abrasion resistance, durability.

Due to the intrinsic characteristics and certified values, the investment is easily amortized over the medium to long life of the raised floor.

Additional advantages in using the Mongreen panel:

  •     Monolithic panel
  •     Dimensions cm. 60 × 60 thickness 25 mm.
  •     5 mm joint.
  •     Weight incidence on each foot: approx. 12/25 kg
  •     Combustion class “0”
  •     Antistatic in nature
  •     Frost resistant
  •     Not afraid of water: suitable for outdoor installation
  •     Environment friendly
  •     Dimensionally non-deformable
  •     Calibrated and adjusted
  •     Construction times can be reduced due to immediate walkability
  •     Concrete possibility of recovering panels for installation on a new site
  •     Walking surface with porcelain stoneware
  •     Multi-format structure in PVC

Example of panel size: 60 X 30

Diamond Green floor detail

Support EH12 – EH15 – EH20 – Balancer – Leveling disk H3

Example of raised outdoor flooring in wooden slats

NEW: support in granite and finish in wood plank effect stoneware

NEW: panel made up of the coupling
of two Royal Mosa stoneware tiles

NEW! stoneware support for external raised floors

NEW! stoneware support for external raised floors

“ETERNAL” Adjustable Support With Self-leveling Head

“NEW Maxi” Adjustable Support

Sample of panel size: 90 X 90
NEW: stoneware cladding and Moncini quarry granite panel

Green diamond panel Zincol Italia S.p.a.

FAQ Raised floors

Here is a series of questions and answers to give you a concise overview of the raised floor sector.

What is a raised floor?

A raised (or floating) floor is a special type of floor commonly used in offices, banks and every crowded environment with particular needs for cabling and electric supply.

Which are the main elements of the system?

Raised floors are mainly composed of a metallic grid and height-adjustable structures studied in order to support the panels, usually 60 × 60 centimeters of dimension. The height of the support structure is designed in order to ease the passage of the cables underneath the floor. The most common height of a standard raised floor is 15 centimeters.

What kind of panels are commonly used?

Panels are usually made of stainless steel for high traffic ambients, Moncini offers a very wide range of coverings depending on the customers’ needs: marble, granite, parquet and pvc are some of the most selected materials.

How does the installation take place?

After a survey of our team, we go through the design of the project to install the raised floor and the supporting structure.