Raised floor insulation

Solution with Multilayer Over-foil 19 in single cavity

Thermal resistance 2.98 m2K / W
(comparable to 10 cm of XPS panel)

Insulation thickness: about 1 cm below the floor support foot;
about 3 cm in the free area without a support foot.

Method of installation

  1. Spread Over-foil Multilayer 19 on the floor, turning it over the walls up to the height of the raised floor.
  2. Overlap the joints between the rolls by at least 5 cm.
  3. Tape the joints with special pure aluminum adhesive tape and lay the raised floor.

Thermal resistance value of Multilayer Over-foil 19 certified according to UNI EN 16012 = 1.52 m2K / W. Thermal resistance value of the air gap calculated according to UNI EN 16012, assuming a thickness of about 8 cm and with descending heat flow (cold floor).

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