Support structures for raised floors



struttura pavimenti sopraelevati


sostegno pavimenti sopraelevati

 NEW! M30 support structure The structure is entirely made up of iron materials to be e icient in all conditions. It is humidity resis- tant thanks to a special zinc covering. Special features are provided for speci ic needs.
Support element of the slab. Made up by a Ø40mm tube and 1,2mm thickness.
E18O+CR254 EN10305/3 in quality MP.DX53DS+Z140 varying heights from 40 to 800mm and purposely cut to obtain a base of 60mm to make possible use in every condition, on irregular loorings and perimetral walls. A special plastic element optimize the combination with the head of the structure reducing the minimum regolation to 0,125mm height. It makes possible a perfect combination between head and base and is also useful as gasket between these two metallic elements without losing elec- tric conductivity.
Support element of the raised panel. Made up by filled tape DD13 EN 10111 purposely cut and th- readed M30, 1,5mm with a super icial covering of FE. DI 5 CL II Class code UNI ISO 2081. It’s comple- ted depending on its use with di ferents gaskets, from plastic to special types providing antistatyc, autoextinguishing or conductivity ca- pabilities. Its shape is also speci ic depending on di ferents utilizations with or without supporting ledgers. For use with beams a special gasket is provided for perimetral elements. In the point of maximum load capacity, heads and ledgers are in contact.
Supporting Ledger
Linking element between the columns, provides themselves the right stability and electric conduc- tivity (using screws). It makes easy the laying and increase the load capacity of the system in pro- portion to the thickness. Ledgers are produced in closed section and purposely cut with external dimensions of 20X20 mm. and thickness 0,5 /0,9/ 1,5 mm. Produced from plates DX51D + Z140 Nac En 10142. The particular closed section shape and columns ixing element makes possible to avoid the use of gasket, available as an accessory.Available from 300 to 1400 mm. 1mm module to keep the normal hooking system. Regulations and load capacity class codes: UNI EN 12128. Load capacity class 4<6. Classes of super icial threatment
FEZN5 CLlIanormaUN’IISO 2081. Base: EN10305l3 quality MP.DX53DS+Z140 Supporting ledger: DX51D + Z140 NAC EN 10142. Every solution is realized under relative patents, protected by the law.

Raised floors news

A raised floor, rapresents a reliable and intelligent way to manage cables and electric supplies, as to mange heating and cooling systems.

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