We first have to consider before the panel composition itself, the raised floor antistaticity is mainly determined by the finishing. For the best antistatic effect we can use: linoleum, antistatic pvc, laminated plastics.
The specific electrical resistance of wood and stone mainly depends from the finishing of the surface itself. Are defined as conductive from 1,5x105 until 1,5x107 ohm. They have a very restricted use, for special electronic equipments. For a regular electrical conductivity it is also required a conductive structure panel. The panel could be in special conductive wood thanks to particular graphite inserts or in wood conglomerate that gains this particular property thanks to a conductive 'bridge' connecting the superior part with the inferior part of the panel itself. The same situation is verified in inert material.

Fire rating
Three main requirements:

* fire resistance
* fire reaction
* fire load capability

The fire resistance is evaluated considering:
— mechanical stability (R);
— fire load (E);
— thermal insulation (I).
Certifications report how many minutes the carachteristics of the flooring are manteined as unchanged.

Raised floors news

Marble, gres, parquet, moquette, pvc, steel..are just few examples of the possible coverings available.Contact us to come and visit us in our showroom of Milan.

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