Keeping and cleaning

A raised floor is made up by several removable elements: the outer panels for example. The firmness of the artifact must be kept taking into account the following:
- Use of lifting-undercarriage to lift heavy weights with the interposition of boards between the wheels of the carriage and the panels.
-When several panels must be dismantled we have to avoid the formation of ‘isles’ or long ‘canals’, taking away only the slightest quantity of panelling necessary to reach the point of intervention and doing everything step by step.
- Attention must be paid to avoid the damaging of gaskets, ledgers or supports.
- The removal or mounting of the panels must be done with the correct tools. We must pay attention in particular to the removal of panels gifted with accessories.
- When parts of panels must be dismantled we have to later position them in their original location.The cleaning is very important in the keeping of the floor:
- Avoid the use of water or liquid detergents directly on the floor
- Avoid alkaline detergents, soaps or solvents - Avoid pumice, glas-paper, metallic or abrasive papers
-If you want to use wax, try it on a limited zone of the floor before you proceed on the rest of it -Remeber that synthetic wax is generally electricity-insulating Pay attention to the use of water: it could penetrate and damage electrical devices and other underlying plants. It may also provoke the formation of mould that in time may seriously damage the entire panel. Substances like resin or wax are insulating and it is better to avoid them. There are specific cleaning products for every kind of floor covering. The cleaning and keeping of the panel is usually brought on by cleaning contractors, not by the producing company.
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