raised floor installation

It is the task of professional teams of technicians (part of our staff or free lance) under the coordination of our company staff. The installation of the raised floor is not subject to particular problems, however it is better to previously inspect the rooms which are going to be interested by the installation, to check some basic conditions: humidity, smoothness of the floor, plaster (must be at least ten days old), window and door frames completely installed; pipes for hydraulic, electric, conditioning and phone plants already laid down (the tracing must be agreed with our technical office)

The following elements must be taken into count:
size of the rooms

shape of the rooms

possibilities of access to the rooms

panel types

panel covering

chosen structure

A team of two/three persons can install about 30sm of floor per day in small rooms and about 90/150sm per day in bigger environments.



The installation begins at point 0 in the structure. When the structure is completed it is time to position it on the floorwith the use of several precision (even laser) instruments. When the structure is positioned is time for the panels to be laid down, beginning from the first row of panels starting from the interior of the structure. It is better to avoid excessively small pieces of panel at the perimeter of the installation. When the raised floor is without ledgers adhesive must be used to fix the support. Supports and panels are to be installed together, at the same time. 24h is the time it takes for the floor to be ready for use (the glue must adhere). At the end steps, ramps and accessories will be mounted. The floor must be protected with some kind of paper covering until the end of works in the room.

After a preliminary survey it is possible to trace the project for the installation of the raised floor. The supporting structure of the panels must be projected on the basis of technical and aestethic requirements of the customer. It is necessary to check the levels of the floors to avoid them to be higher than the regulations of the support.

It is necessary to clean the slab from dust and to treat it with anti-dust paint. This treatment is inevitable if the plenum between the slab and the raised floor is to be used as a conduct for air-conditioning. The best way to proceed in the installation is to prepare an ortogonal datum structure made by two nylon threads fixed to the walls.

Raised floors news

A raised floor, rapresents a reliable and intelligent way to manage cables and electric supplies, as to mange heating and cooling systems.

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