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Since 1910 we are in the field of stone processing. We evolved through the years keeping on attentive eye on the evolutions of the market: since 1980's we started a new line: raised floors, floorings and technical coverings. We now produce stone handworks for urban environments. Ouf century long activity gave us the know how to solve all the problems related to the processing of the hardest materials, like stone and porcelain gres. This allows us to use all kind of materials, including the most valuable. Raised floors: adwanced technology and keen eye on innovation have been our guidline through the years in the raised floors production, certification and installation.





Contact us to visit our showroom, based in via Bagarotti, Milan. You will get in touch with our finest creations and with our whole range of finishings.

Moncini and the art of stone

Moncini supports Sciola, a famous international artist that celebrated with us the centenary of the company with an amazing concert in wich art, music and the know-how in stone processing melted in something of very specialand unique.
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Andiamo verso il futuro grazie al passato